One of the finest guitar players of our times.

In the past he was a lead guitarist in the legendary “Pop-Mechanics” of late Sergey Kuryohin. Currently he is an organizer and ideologist of the international project  “Rock-Mechanica”.

Alexander :

In 1998 Aleksander was personally invited by Sir Paul McCartney to teach a Master Class in Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

In 2006 Aleksandr Liapin was named “The Best Performer” by the Magazine “Musician” (Russia).

He is a current Member of ASCAP (USA) since 2004.

During his staying in US in 2002-2004 Liapin was studying and consulting at the Kenny J Record Studio in Los Angeles. After his visit and travel in USA he created a program “HWY-I” featuring his hitchhiking experience across this country (Washington DC –Denver-Grand Canyon- Las Vegas- San Diego) which he successfully presented to the Russian Audience.

Now ready to go the same name CD album: 'HWY-I'


Aleksandr Liapin an indefatigable experimentator, composer anarchist, researcher –avantgardist of musical domains, presents his own project based on his outstanding instrumental sound musical concepts and the use of digital technology utilized by his own ingenuity. This unique combination of the talents, hard work and possibilities of studio audio and video media in Real Time with Rock Mechanica as a catalyst creates an unusual show worth experiencing.


The idea of the project is a subtle experimentation with mixing styles of Rock and Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop and The World Music using the state of the art modern technological resources. Not a single show repeats itself. The ever changing cast of musicians and inspired participation of the stimulated audience creates the unforgettable designs for each show, so that within the “interactive jam-session” we witness an improvisational theatre.