Alexander (Alex) Liapin, born in St. Petersburg, Russia, began his musical studies at the age of 6 years old. He first studied violin and piano. In 1969 he started playing guitar. Alex continued his studies at the Mussorgsky Music College, St. Petersburg, for first few years as a violin performance major, then as a jazz/rock guitar player. He graduated from the Mussorgsky Music College in 1987 with a diploma of Jazz Guitarist, Rock/Jazz Band Instruments specialist, and also as a music teacher and band leader.

Alex has participated in numerous jazz and rock festivals, starting with huge International Performance at St George’s Hall, Liverpool in 1988. From 1973 till his emigration to the USA in 2012 Alex performed with various rock groups, including the two most famous Russian rock-bands “Aquarium” and “DDT”. He has toured in Europe, Canada and USA performing with Dave Stewart, Keith Emerson and Djavan Gasparian. In 1987, Alex played in England with Sergey Kuryokhin’s famous project “Pop Mekhanika” as the head of its rock/jazz musicians’ section.

In 1998, he taught a master class at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) at the personal invitation of Paul McCartney. Alex moved to America in 2012, and is in demand as a guitarist, music teacher, sound designer, music producer and composer. He currently lives in San Francisco, CA.